Systems Implementation & Project Management

Consult your business on the best approach.

Systems Implementation & Project Management

IT systems play an important role in any business. Systems lay the foundation for successfully  converting customer needs into value adding products and services. To ensure the efficiency and consistency of the business’ output, the systems and processes in the business must be aligned. 

Businesses can have a positive or negative experience in implementing IT solutions. Implementing a  new IT system can provide the base for development and improvement in the business, but it can also harm an organisation. Software systems in business have become the drivers for efficiency and innovation, and could be the competitive advantage that your business need. 

Unfortunately organisations often fail to take advantage of the possible gains in software solutions due to the immense headache and heartache that the implementation of enterprise wide systems can cause. Too many software deployment projects end up being greatly over budget and over time, consuming and disrupting the organisation’s management, employees and their customers. 

Deploying new or altered software solutions in your business is not a function for the IT department.  The entire business needs complete buy-in and commitment, from C-suite to end users, and ultimately customers. If the implementation is done methodically, business systems have the capacity to increase revenue and reduce costs by repeatedly producing high quality work. 

North77 Consulting has experience and knowledge in Systems Implementation and Project Management, and can consult your business on the best approach.

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