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It is estimated that one third of your life is spent at work. The average person will spend 90 000  hours at work over a lifetime. Is your physical work environment creating occupant wellness?

Property Services Engineering is multi-disciplinary in nature. By definition, it is ‘applied science for the purpose of realising ideal and cohesive building systems including sustainability, environmental control and safety requirements to support the wellbeing of the occupants of the building’. 

Property Services Engineering is concerned with aspects of the built environment, including electrical services, water and waste services, air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, gas services, fire services, fire safety engineering, utility services management, data and communications, security and access control, vertical transportation and energy management. The management of property services is therefore the process of controlling and upholding the built environment to improve and preserve the operating environment for occupants, to ultimately cultivate value of the asset. 

Managing property services has typically not been a high priority for businesses. The overhead is generally seen as the uncontrollable, take-it-or-leave-it cost of doing business, and most managers just want assurance that there will be no business interruption.

Operating costs, including the utility and property services bills, have been consistently increasing faster than inflation and are forecasted to continue to do so. Stakeholders in your businessincreasingly prefer to work with companies that choose cost-effective and sustainable practices. Shareholders and other investors are looking for ways to protect the profits from these increasingand overwhelming overheads.

It is therefore essential to create a strategic plan for Property Services on how to manage each aspect in the built environment. The strategy must set out the specific processes and policies on how to deal with, among other, the legacy systems installed in the property, alignment of sustainability activities with other services, moving towards Smart buildings, management and maintenance programs, the application of tariffs, the specification of technologies, reporting requirements, and the impact of alternative sources on stakeholders.

North77 Consulting has experience and knowledge in the field of Property Services Management, and can consult your business on optimising your physical work environment.

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