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Strategy can be defined as a general direction set for the company and its various components to  achieve a desired state in the future. Large companies have teams dedicated to strategic planning and implementation. This is not always the case for small and medium businesses, and the CEO often fulfils the role of the Tactician, Policymaker, HR Manager, COO, and CFO as well.

The CEO’s duty is to define what the organisation’s identity will be. As businesses grow and develop  however, their uniqueness often becomes murky. Just stating why you are different isnt enough any longer. What is uniqueness in your business is your customer is experiencing? One of the pioneers of Strategy, Peter Drucker, always highlighted the difference between doing things right and doing the right things. Strategy is about doing the right thing.

According to Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad in an article for the Harvard Business Review, it is not  very reassuring to think that the essence of theoretical strategy can be condensed to “eight rules for excellence, seven S’s, five competitive forces, four product life-cycle stages, three generic strategies, and innumerable two-by-two matrices.”

According to them, strategy for the past few decades actually reduce the number of strategic options management has. Strategic advantage rather lies in having innovative terms of engagement and refusing to accept the market leader’s definition of industry limitations.

Management consulting’s main priority is to improve the performance of the business, by streamlining some of the business aspects. The role of management consultants is therefore to help organisations to improve the business.

North77 Consulting is strategy consultants experienced to offer the service for Small and Medium Family Businesses. Our approach is to offer an affordable shared risk management consulting service.

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