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Mutli Risk Assessing Services (MRAS) may be a new name to the market, however the expertise are not.  

MRAS is a small company with a wealth of knowledge in vehicle assessing and insurance risk assessments.  Insurance premiums are paid for peace of mind, should you as an insurance company client suffer a loss, you would be placed in the position where you where before any loss occur.

In order to keep this promise of the insurance company in place there is several parties involved. The insured that has the responsibility to ensure the cover is sufficient. Protect your assets as far as possible and keep your broker up to date with any changes on your portfolio.

The insurance company has to comply within the rules laid down by the Financial Services Board and provide you as the client with the best advice available.

The assessor insure that the quote obtain for the loss suffered is reasonable and fair. MRAS will see the claim through until the insured are satisfied. We will be the insured`s ambassador at the panel beater until the repairs are done to our satisfaction.

We at MRAS believe through this action we add value to the holistic offering the Insurance Broker offer their clients.

We take a comprehensive view when we do a survey. We believe it is important to take all factors into account, not just the obvious. Based on the information on the survey report, the insurance company makes decisions. We are the eyes so to speak of the insurance company. Integrity and accuracy of survey reports are not negotiable.

Our report is a document that gets changed regularly to keep up with trends in the field. We do not believe in the “one size fits all” approach.